The Hawaii Fly Page


Welcome to the Nervous Water Fly Fishers Hawaii fly page. This page was created to answer the  burning question “what fly?” This page contains links to the tying steps and recipes to some of the most popular flies used here in Hawaii. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or better yet, just come on down to the shop.  Knock yourselves out... and check out clay's new blog and instagram page for more tying goodness!



Dean-o's Nutria Fly


The Crustacean Variation


The Yarn Crab

The Orange Squimp


The E.T. Marabou Mantis


The Fuzzy Hand


The Wilson Streamer


Clay's Jiggy Bone Bug


Brown Charlie (E.T. Style)


Clay's Orange Bombing Pepper


Clay's Reef Special


Flash Fly


Sean's Turd Fly


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