March 26 Update

Hi everyone, I'm just checking in to let you know what's going on here in Honolulu. First off, starting today the state has dropped most of the Covid precautions, so you no longer need to show a vaccine card or negative test to fly here. You also don't need to wear a mask in most stores and restaurants including our shop, but it's probably a good idea to still keep one handy as not everyone is ready to drop the mask mandate immediately.

The fishing here is pretty typical as we move into spring, but the weather is still a little unpredictable as cold fronts move through occasionally bringing strong winds and rain. A lot of low tide has also meant I've been fishing further out on the reef closer to the line shredding coral. As we get further into the warmer months, the tides will get higher and hopefully more fish will move into the shallows to feed.

Unfortunately I haven't heard much positive news out of Christmas Island. Kiritbati opened their capitol of Tarawa in Jan, and that brought with it an outbreak of Covid. Tarawa is still under lockdown as of today. Fiji Air had scheduled flights to restart to CXI in April, but that has been pushed back until June. Hopefully in the next month or two we'll get an update when the island will feel safe enough to re-open for tourism.


And I finally caught one of those stupid yellow fish. Is this a sign the world is ending or that this will be an epic year of fishing? We're gonna find out. Aloha

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